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We help customers to build theit dream homes, new beautiful kitchens or decorate their gardens with natural stone. HKJ Förvaltning AB sell prefabricated wooden houses from a local factory in the south of Sweden. Since 2010, we have also been importing natural stones such as granite, floor slate, roof slate and marble. We also import wire mesh and steel ladder reinforcement. HKJ Stenhus AB is a subsidary of HKJ Förvaltning AB and has been active in the industry since 1994. It all began with wooden houses, but then we started to get requests for stone houses, too. KitchenIn by HKJ AB is another subsidary of HKJ FörvaltningAB and has been active since 2014. We design and build kitchens tailored to customers`s wishes and needs. We specialise is kitchens furnished in massive wood with a touch of traditional craftmanship. Feel free to click around to get inspited and please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information! Henrik Johansen

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HKJAB | Henrik +46 431 311 150 | henrik@hkjab.se | Box 113, SE-286 22 ÖRKELLJUNGA

HKJAB | Maggie +46 435 405 820 | maggie@hkjab.se | Blockgatan 8, 254 64 HELSINGBORG

KitchenIn | Lars 0431- 30 21 50 | info@kitchenin.se | Hallandsvägen 38, 269 33 BÅSTAD